Project Life-week 21 & 22

 We have had a busy couple of weeks, we have had some really fun times.  These pics represent that, but it is not  all of the photos, however, it is a good representation of our weeks.  These are not in order, just random.

The first set is my family and my husband’s brothers family along with his dad at my father in laws work picnic.  He is retired but still gets to go and bring his whole family for free.  Its a small, small, amusement park (perfect for us), we get rides, free food, desserts, and drinks all day)  it is really a lot of fun, we have been going for 11 years now-my kids can’t wait every year to go.

My brother in law and my niece!

My kids on the scrambler with my hubby, the boy on the far right is my nephew.

So sweet! My daughter and son

We went swimming at a friends house, these are pics of my kids and her daughter, the kids had a BLAST!  Don’t you just love summer

My daughter has a creative side to her, no doubt about it.  She looked in this American Girl Doll magazine and made some of the animals from the book.  This is one of them.

We had a great Memorial Day with two parades!

My dear hubby with his flag!

My boys were in one of the parades for my brother who is a city commissioner. 

My brother is the one with the solid red tie.

So many graduations this time of year, I went to my first homeschool gradation this year, it was a great ceremony.  This is one of the happy graduates, a great friend of mines daughter.

My daughter sat down and copied this from my picture frame one day, she drew the picture of the family.  My prayer for her is that she will take this message someday to her home with her family because a house that serves the Lord is a blessed house!

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