Project Life-Week 27

4th of July Celebrations!

Dad had to leave for work in Chicago, we sure missed him!

Sam had his eye appointment, this is after they dilated his eyes, he looks drugged.

Mom came over for dinner one night and me and the kids went over there the next time for our favorite, Pizza Hut!

We babysat the cousins Thursday!  Had so much fun!

We had a big week!

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  1. andrea says

    Awesome hot air balloons! I get to see them all the time from my work window but not that up close.

  2. Angela says

    Thanks guys, actually every 4th Cincinnati has a balloon glow and firework show at Coney Island, It is totally free, my mom took the kids and got this shot. They light up tons of ballons , I have more pics then just this one. They had a really good time there.


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