Project Life-Week 28

This week my husband went on a business trip to Indiana, PA and took us with him.  We had a nice time together, we all went swimming every evening at the hotel pool and I took the kids to a couple of fun places while my husband worked.  The last day we all went to the Jimmy Stewart museum, Indiana, PA is where he was born.  I LOVE It’s a Wonderful Life and watch it every Christmas, it was amazing what a great movie star he was. 

Our rent a van, we LOVED it!  It was hard giving it back.

We went to Punxsutawney, it was great learning all about the weather and seeing groundhogs all around town.  I LOVE the movie Groundhog Day so this was really fun for me.

Another day we went to a park called Living Treasures Animal Park.  You get to feed all the animals, some through tubes and some right up close.  There is one where there are monkeys and you put food in a bucket on a string and they pull the string back to them to get the food out, so cute!

Old movie camera at the museum

Beautiful scenery on our drive, so many beautiful bridges!

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