Project Life-Week 9

Getting a shot of my blog where I spend a lot of time, I had it redesigned for the New Year and I love it!  It screams Angela!  The picture of the flower is the first flower of spring in our yard, we were very excited to see it!  The top picture is my RELEVANT ticket (I bought it this week), it will be my first blogging conference and I can’t wait but it will not be until the fall!

For Family night we made frosted brownies(my favorite) and watched Megamind(funny movie)  I just printed a google image for the movie, love the way it  looks.  My mom got a new haircut that I love on her so I took her picture and every day for lunch me and the kids watch old reruns of The Dukes of Hazard (a show I LOVED when I was a kid and I have fond memories of watching it with my mom and dad every weekend along with The Incredible Hulk(I know SO shows my age, LOL) I love it that I now get to watch it with my kids, especially Zach my middle son who LOVES hot rod cars!

Here is the two pages together!

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    I love the screenshot of your blog and the megamind photo. Good reminder to get pictures “outside the box” 🙂

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