Protect Your Family’s Savings with Kaspersky

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I love my laptop!  I mean how can I not?  I work from home and without it I wouldn’t have work!  Of course I love my laptop for many reasons other than for work.  There is keeping up with my friends on social media, online banking and at this time of year shopping!  I love online shopping and banking but I will admit at times it doesn’t seem all that safe.  With all the hacking and security breaches you hear about online you want to feel safe when you are living your life, especially online where technology allows so much with just a touch of a button!

When I am doing my banking or shopping online I love the convenience of it and love the fact that it is easy, quick, and packages can arrive while I’m still working in my home office in my pj’s.  I don’t like to think about all that can go wrong if my information falls in the hands of the wrong person.   I love that Kaspersky has a gift for keeping families safe.  They protect your online shopping, connected devices, and your curious kids this holiday season with Kaspersky Lab—the world’s most awarded internet security.


You can now take advantage of up to 50% of all Kaspersky Core Products.  These include:

  • Kaspersky Antivirus
  • Kaspersky Internet Security
  • Kaspersky Total Security (best protection for families!)

This incredible 50% off savings is available until January 10, 2017

I’m amazed at all the the Kaspersky Lab does to make you feel safe on your computers, smart phones and tablets!

They also make sure you can :

  • Shop and bank safely with award-winning Safe Money technology
  • Stop webcam hackers from spying into your home
  • Confirm the security of your Wi-Fi connection
  • Easily create, sync and manage your passwords
  • Backup valuable data for free online—including photos and videos

Check out the tips for safe holiday shopping online below.


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