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We love to make our yearly Christmas Cards to pass out every year to family and friends. I love to have the children and sometimes the pets sitting around the real Christmas Tree that we pick out for a tradional picture all dressed up in Christmas colors.

Here are some tips to make a fun Christmas Card:

1. Take tons of photos and pick one of the silliest ones, this happens naturally (no need to pose it) LOL . Even if you don’t want to use one of the goofy ones you can do a great scrapbook layout of all the different poses you ended up with. We have some that crack us up! I remember one year my one year old daughter at the time was in a exer saucer to keep her still and she made this mean face and had her arms up looking like she was making muscles (so funny)

2. Put your pets in the picture, after all they are a BIG part of your family.

3. Add a Santa hat to the children or the pets or other Christmas gear(jewlrey,sweaters, etc)

4. Black n white pictures are beautiful and add an elegant style to the picture.

5. Pose your pictures doing your favorite Christmas Traditions: Getting the tree, making cookies, Christmas parties and more.

6. Add a letter, I LOVE getting letters, especially from ones I haven’t heard from in a while. Share what your family has done, trials and joys and it keeps loved ones posted on your life.

7. Most of all Have fun! Sometimes we burden ourselves with pictures, trying to get the perfect one and let’s face it, we are NOT perfect, so have fun with it-Remember you will never see another year where your kids look exactly the same, next year they will be older.

PurpleTrail’s personalized holiday cards have many beautiful selections to choose from for your holiday cards. You can create your own design using the PurpleTrail Design Center or personalize one of their designs. PurpleTrail Prints are printed on quality, eco-friendly paper. There are some beautiful choices so click on their website and start planning your perfect card for your families and friends. It is never too early to get one of those to do’s off your Christmas planning list!

I am participating in a giveaway for PurpleTrail.com and it makes me eligible for a PurpleTrail gift code for holiday cards.

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