Pyramath Cards

Learning math facts can be, well let’s face it-BORING! Pyramath Cards have changed that here in our family, this is a really fun game for kids. The best part is it is for kids of all ages, I am able to do the additiona and subtraction for my 1st and 2nd grader and the multiplication and division for my 6th grader. I LOVE that! My children really enjoyed playing this game, it is truly an educational fun game that makes kids excited about math and that is not easy to do. If you are doing workboxes this is a great fun activity to add to a box either to play with you (the parent) or have two kids play together. There are several variations of the game, but the main concept is the same. You play a card on two side-by-side cards by using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, eventually building a pyramid.

The Website says…

When children play PyraMath, they know they’re having fun, and you know that they’re learning!
PyraMath is a comprehensive interactive arithmetic lesson that gives your child unlimited practice at their individual level. Each brightly colored card displays four basic mathematical symbols on the back, and the number along with English, Spanish, Chinese, Roman, French and Arabic translations and symbols on the front. Players quickly identify the numbers on their cards and add, subtract, multiply and divide to finish their pyramid first! Whoever is the first to finish their pyramid by using their mathematical knowledge wins!
Ensure the mathematical success of your children with PyraMath!

PyraMath Cards Help Make Learning Math Fun:

•Language Skills
•Fundamental Mathematics
•Second Language
•Memory Skills
•Eye Hand Coordination

Pyramath is available from I See Cards on their website for $6.95. You can even play an online version of Pyramath! I See Cards also has other card games available, including Fractazmic (fraction based card game), Prime Bomb (prime number game), and I See Cards (language learning and basic math cards).

As a member of the Homeschool Crew, I was given this product to review. I was not paid for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are mine.

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