Reel Cash Critters from Gamesville {Review}

I love to find ways to make money at home and love to help other moms find ways too.  You know all that time you spend playing games on facebook for free, well now you can actually earn money playing games.  Yep, you heard me right!  Playing games.

Gamesville is a  free online game site!   They have all different kinds of games including  bingo, games shows, and word puzzles.  They are free to play.  There is no gambling.  All you have to do is  sign up for a free account and you can start playing.    If you sign up with your free account Gamesville will gift you 10,000 GV’s Gamesville money.  That will give you a great start.

Reel Cash Critters is a really fun slot game.  Reel Cash Critters is not your typical slots game. To play, you wager your GVs(Gamesville’s virtual currency that you win by playing games) and spin. You can win cash prizes from $5-$10, obviously a great part of the game!

What make the game unique are the mini games and critters – who doesn’t love cute woodland creatures? Within the game, you can hit the “Spin-o-Matic” which is a dial that you spin and depending on the critter that you land on, you get an extra GV bonus.

If you are a Gold member you get another game on top of the Spin-o-Matic. “Reel Slots Shots” is a county fair-style shooting gallery where you can win GVs. Ducks, rabbits, and even our mascot Poke pop up for your chance to hit. The more you get, the more GVs you win.

Finally, the favorite part of this slots game is the team battle aspect. At the beginning of your game, you get put on either the Skunk Team or the Raccoon Team. When the team battle starts, you can choose to go to the room where the battle is happening or choose to skip it. After everyone is dispersed to their teams, you try to spin your machine as many times as possible to win the most GVs. You play with your team and the team with the highest total amount of GVs wins. There are 6 battles throughout the day, and 2 of them give out cash prizes. Since everyone is a winner at Gamesville, for the cash prize games, one member of the winning team and one member of the losing team are selected to win the cash prize.

RCC isn’t the only game that pays you money on Gamesville. Some of the jackpots for the various games can reach up to $10,000!  Plus, if you’re a Gold member, the Jackpot is doubled.  If you play Reel Cash Critters, be sure to play other games like Frantic Fish or Super Chef to boost up your GVs.

These games are really fun and very easy to navigate.  Try not to get addicted though, LOL.  I had a hard time stopping at times, you just want to pull the lever one more time.

I can read really fast so I couldn’t wait to try Three-Eyed Bingo.  It is just like bingo but you have to win on three cards to actually win.  You can win up to $3, 333 in cash.  This has to be my favorite, I could have played this all night, I love the challenge of trying to keep up with all the numbers (I mean you have to move fast).

The site has a wonderful FAQ section.  Maybe your questioning how they make the money or if this is gambling or just exactly how it all works.  They do a great job answering those kind of questions for you to check that page out!

If you sign up for a Gold Membership ($24.95/year) you can play without ads, commercials, or banners.  Plus, the other games that have cash prizes you can get a double jackpot.

I really enjoyed the site, my husband was enjoying it too!  I will say, be careful-I do try to be wise with my time and it can get away from you playing all those games but if you can truly play in moderation to relieve stress, or just  have some down time and YES mamas out there, you do need some of that sometimes, this is a great site!

You can find them also at these places:

This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I received a Gamesville Gold Membership and compensation for my time investment and work on this campaign.

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