Saving Memories Forever {Review}

Saving Memories Together

I love scrapbooking and memory keeping.  The reason making scrapbooks is such a passion for me is the memory keeping and passing down the stories and legacys of our family.  Journaling the stories are SO important to me but you know what would be even better, HEARING the stories over and over.  My mother in law died in 2008 (oh how we miss her) and for the longest time my father in law wouldn’t change the answering machine because his wife of 30 yrs voice was on it.  It was so hard letting that go, how awesome it would have been to have her voice sharing so many of the stories she shared with her kids to OUR kids now.  There is now a website and app that makes that happen.  It is called Saving Memories Forever and it is WONDERFUL!

You can use the program just from your computer , or you can use them in with a free app you can download on your iPhone or android. The app is free and SO easy to download and start using.  You can then send your stories you recorded to your online account.   You can add storytellers to your account, add photos, ages, and stories of loved ones or your own.

If you can’t interview your loved one in person that you can always do it over the phone, through Skype or etc.  Also, this app is also great for preserving memories of the ones that are no longer with us.  You can interview people about what they remember about people from the past in order to preserve those memories since you can no longer interview them yourself.  This is called creating a virtual relative.   It doesn’t beat the real thing, for sure, but it does provide some insights.

Here is the link for their how to video:  This video is great because it takes you step by step!

There are free accounts and premium ones.  3.99 a month will get you their premium account which offers so much more.  Here is the chart showing you the difference:

They are offering our premium subscription free of charge to active duty military personnel. For those posted overseas they think it would be great if they recorded bedtime stories for their kids and their spouse played them at home each night. This ability to time shift audio allows our military personnel to create a closer bond with their children and spouses even when they are overseas.  I think this is SO great!  I loved the show Jag when it was on and the main character Harm had tape recordings of his dad when he was in the Navy (his dad died in Vietnam when he was young) but he was still able to hear his dad’s Navy stories and hear his dads voice.

The Saving Memories Forever app is available for Free download in the iTunesstore or through Google Play.  You can also use the service on your computer directly through the website.

Disclosure:  “I participated in a campaign on behalf of for Saving Memories Forever. A free trial and promotional items have been provided in exchange for my review.  Regardless all opinions are my own.”

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