I can not tell you enough how much we LOVE the workboxes. I know, I am probably workboxing you to death! We are just enjoying them SO much! Yesterday my middle son said “I don’t ever want this to end” about SCHOOL! That was music to this moms ears! To have your children getting up earlier then you wanting to do school and just loving it is more then I could hope for. I even enjoy planning it more, I go down every evening and fill the boxes and if it is a real busy day, I can just fill half or whatever I want to do. I truly am trying to make it work for us, not be enslaved by it and it is truly a joy. My husband has noticed the change in our homeschool too-he was looking through all the work we had accomplished and just couldn’t believe all we had for just a week and half of school.

I’m adding fun things here and there like puzzles, a suprise snack, or just a note telling them to play playdoh for 15 minutes. They LOVE this and never know what will be there for them. I’m also starting a couple of centers, I will be sharing those very soon. I thank God for Sue and her vision for these workboxes, I have always loved schooling but felt there was something missing that I was hoping for with my family. These boxes have filled that for sure. I have no doubt that God has used her to help others. If you are considering workboxes, I say GO for it! It does take some time at first to set everything up but it is SO worth it!


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  1. Mommy K says

    I haven't quite had the guts to ask anyone this yet, but… do these workboxes actually benefit you? I have my list of things to do, but to divide it all out into boxes for three different children, especially when we do a lot together, and then add in extras and have them actually work independently…it all seems like more work than usual. Now, my kids are little and don't do much independently, and maybe that's the difference….but they just seem like more work to me, not less. How do they really save you time? How to they help your plans? Are you kids actually doing more with the boxes than your previous years of homeschooling? Sorry..I just haven't quite gotten the jist of it all. =)

  2. Mommy K says

    I guess I was just wondering if I was missing something…a key point or idea. Thanks for sharing. I do see how they can be helpful when I have multiple children doing much of their work independently, but I probably would likely do a checklist or folder system just to save space. Though, this system would work well for "extras" that the children can retrieve on their own, since right now I have to get everything out myself… I generally take ideas and tweak them to fit my needs anyway.

    I was also going to ask you, how many years of MFW have you done? I have started Adventures with my 6 and 4.5 year old (2nd and K)and have been a little frustrated with it. Just curious how all your years have gone and how much you've been pleased with the curriculum.

  3. Khourt says

    Mommy K I was just recently introduced to the whole workbox system.. Like you I am kind of skeptical, but also my children are younger (Pre-K and L). I do a folder system. I label folders with the days of the week and put their work into those folders. It certainly takes up far less space than boxes, though boxes might be nice when we decorate pumpkins.. I cant imagine those fitting into folders 😉 I do think it would be great for the more independent kids though.

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