Shnoozles {Review}


Shnoozles are award-winning, research-backed plush dolls with patented sleepy-time eyes designed to encourage children follow suit at bedtime. They are soothing, comforting pals for kids that help parents overcome their children’s inherent reluctance to nod off naturally.  Unlike other household toys, they contain no batteries, no hums, lights or anything else that can distract from a good night’s sleep. They provide children with a comforting sense of security that facilitates a restful night every night.  They also inspire imagination, while helping children self-soothe.

Many children hate going to bed.  Just the word nap or bedtime causes tears and procrastination.  However as moms we know they NEED their sleep and for our sanity we need them to sleep!  I found with my kids if I gave them a routine and was consistent with it, they did much better.  A warm bath, story time, a drink, prayers and tucking them in every night gave them security and a great routine.  I also found a consistent bedtime was good, when you change the time they need to go down too often it seemed to get them off track and bedtime didn’t go as smooth.

Now there is a doll called Shnoozles they can take to bed with them.  OOH, we LOVED ours.  The dolls eyes actually can be shut for bedtime and opened again for daytime.  My daughter loved this.  She also loved that the doll was dressed in pjs and was extremely soft.  There is just something about a soft plush toy that gives kids security at bedtime and this does a great job of that.  My daughter sleeps with hers every night now so it was a big hit here for sure!


Award-winning Shnoozles are the only plush toys with patented “Shnoozle” eyes. Among the recognition Shnoozles have earned is the Mom’s Choice Award, which recognizes excellence in family-friendly media, products and services.  Schnoozles have also won Creative Magazine’s 2012 Creative Toy Preferred Choice Award.


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I was sent a Shnoozles to review.  All opinions are 100 percent mine!

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