So So Blessed!

37. A JOB, A JOB, A JOB, Praise HIS name! One year ago we found out that my husband would be let go after 11 years at his company because of a buyout from another company, we have had a small contract job earlier in the year and unemployment and some small things here and there but Thursday we got the news after 6 interviews and tons of prayer that he was HIRED for a new company. Over 400 people applied, God is so GOOD!

38. The incredible blessings that have come our way in the last 12 months, oh, I could write a book!

39. A beautiful church family that celebrated with us! They were just as joyful as we were and so many tears of joy because they knew our Journey!

40. Rock Solid friends who gave to us in so many ways (money, prayers, listening ears to cry on and rejoice with, called in favors, and the list goes on and on)

41. Our growth in the Lord, I never want to waste a trial, I never ever want to come out the other side the same person. Otherwise I miss the purpose! I pray that God grows us and boy have we grown, may we not forget that GOD is our TRUE Provision, a job is a means HE provides for us but it is not our PROVISION< HE and HE alone is! 42. My thankful list for making me count my blessings even in the midst of waiting, we often forget that there are so many blessings around us even in the hard times! 43. Those quiet moments that were just between God and I, where I felt his presence the most, I cherish those and they deepen my faith so much! 44. My husband (it is so tough for a man to feel like he is not providing for his family, after many months it wears on his mind and heart and he begins to question everything about himself, but he held on) He had a teachable spirit about interviews(my man doesn’t talk much, a very quiet man) he clung to Gods Word and I would see him take it with him wherever he went, he cut grass and did any labor thing he could and did it with a grateful and loving spirit. God has shown me over and over how blessed I am that this man is MY husband and I love him more then he will ever know! I will make sure that he knows it now more then ever! 45. I’m so grateful to you my readers, I have had emails from families that have been praying for us that have never met us in real life, I’m humbled that just by reading my little space on the internet that so many have cared so deeply for us. Thank you so much! Check out Ann’s blog for more thankgiving

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  1. Janis@Open My Ears Lord says

    Oh how true! We never want to come out of a trial the same or worse that we went into it. Growing in the Lord and tasting His goodness is what we all hope for as we pass through the trial.

    Praise God for your husband's new job.

  2. Annesta says

    So very happy for your news of a job for your husband. I join you in gratitude for all that God gives us. Your list is encouraging and lovely. May God give you an amazing week this week as you seek to give Him glory in all you do.
    grace and peace

  3. mom says

    The only response I can have to all your thanksgiving praises is AMEN! Rejoicing with you, Angela!

    Tammy ~@~

  4. mom says

    Funny…the letters I had to type in to post this were…"letatest" and all I could think of when I typed them was….Let a test of our faith prove how GREAT our God is!

    Tammy ~@~

  5. Sara says

    Rejoicing in the abundant provision! As always a joy to splash around in thankfulness. Your blog, simply delightful.


  6. Mom2Five says

    So happy for you and your family! God IS so-o-o-o good! Rejoicing with you in your good news.
    I like what you said " I never want to waste a trial, I never ever want to come out the other side the same person. Otherwise I miss the purpose! "
    That is really good and I plan to put it in my journal!
    Enjoy this new journey!

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