So Thankful!

I’m am just AMAZED how much God loves us, what a honor that we often take for granted. I have so many great things to be thankful for, although it has been a struggle with my husband’s job situation (layed off in the fall) God has showered us with Provision and Blessings. These are somethings I was thinking about just this week. I LOVE Ann’s blog and wanted to partcipate in

1. A new Used riding lawn mower that our father in law suprised my husband with, HE loves it and I’m so glad he got a new toy to mow the lawn with!

2.My 11 year old son who found a book totally on is own in the church library and has read it cover to cover (to see my little boy long to grow spiritually and to learn more about his GOD is THRILLING to my heart)

3. A friend of my husbands (another believer) who we really don’t know really well and lives 2 hours away saying God told him and his wife to send us money, WOW. God told someone we never see and hardly EVER hear from to send us money, AMAZING!

4. A good friend(another believer) who has been blessing us so much with money and prayer since this time (keep in mind, we never ask for money from anyone, we take our needs to the Lord)

5 .A little extra work (we clearly need it)

6. A 25.00 book I needed for school, 8 on ebay!

7. Getting a chance to review tickets for shows(something we would have never been able to afford and now we will be given free opportunities)

8. That even though being out of work full time is hard, we wouldn’t go back if we could because of all the Lord has taught us! Now we await his answer with contement on where we are at…..totally trusting HIM!
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  1. Candace says

    Angela, I'm glad you are starting your own Blessings Count! 🙂 I also appreciate your comments on my blog! I am going to pray that your thankful list would be a huge blessing to you and encourage your heart!

  2. Stephanie says

    We use My Father's World, too! We love it. Enjoyed stopping by here, and your review blog, too.

    Bless you.

  3. Lindsay says

    Praising God with you for all of your blessings this week!

    I am a fellow crew member and also a new follower of your blog!

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