Some Fun Links

I love researching and checking out the web and of course my favorite blogs.  I thought I would share a couple of fun links with you that I have found for the week.  If there is interest maybe I will do this weekly. 

If you work from home like I do Becky Higgins has a great post on scheduling your time at her blog.

I LOVE this art site, you wouldn’t even need an art curriculum, you could just get a bunch of great art ideas right on her site.  This is a great site for a homeschooler or anyone with children that love art!

I have been praying for Joanne, she had a massive stroke a couple of weeks ago, her husband is writing her journey, he is doing an amazing job.  Keep praying, God is answering prayers, it truly gives me chills of HIS greatness everytime I read.

Many of you probably already know but this is a GREAT coupon site.      

 Enjoy surfing, let me know if you like this kind of post, I will keep doing it.

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