Spring Is In The Air!

I LOVE it! Each morning I am now hearing birds singing outside my window. The weather has been WONDERFUL with warmer temps and there are just a couple flowers trying to sprout out of the grass. I love this time of the year, spring-a new beginning and a time things are coming back to life. Can you imagine what Heaven will be like? If we think spring is great, how awesome it will be there-I find myself missing my mother in law this time of year, she LOVED warm weather, however I can’t imagine what is going on right now where she is. The place where there is constant beauty, perfect weather and many birds singing, no doubt!

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  1. mom says

    What a wonderful picture! I love it! And you're seeing flowers trying to peek out among the GRASS?! I'm sooooo jealous! Still pretty white out in my yard, although the snow is melting quickly with this warm weather.

    And a hug for you {{{Angela}}} as spring is hard for me, too! My mom loved spring and we so enjoyed wandering through greenhouses together. Yes, they are both in a glorious place of beauty beyond what we can comprehend….

    May you find many things to smile about as spring springs!

    Tammy ~@~

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