Summer Homeschooling Projects

For the summer months I take a break like traditonal schools.  It helps us in so many areas, it gives us a time to reflect on what did work and what didn’t for the school year, gives us time to work on house projects, and just gives the kids some good old fashioned fun!  We have exactly two weeks left after today so we are pretty excited.  This is the first year of homeschooling I haven’t done a coop and we have achieved more with our subjects then ever before.  I think this is the first year I will complete every week of every book.  Wow!  However I say all that and really  I don’t really think that is all that important, it is just amazing we have done it.  There are things I miss about being a part of a coop but I also love the time I have had with my kids this year, doing more of what we love together.  I do want to do some fun school things with my kids this summer a couple days of the week.  Here is a list I was thinking of.

Some of the hands on projects I didn’t get to with My Fathers World.  I work from home too so I don’t always have the time to fit these in but I know my kids would love to do some of them.

Reading (I do feel kids should read almost every day, I think it is important for all kids but especially for ones learning to read (I have two still in phonic lessons)  The library always have fun summer programs

Math (Just a little in the week)  I usually don’t but I have a son with a learning disabilty and I know he needs to do a little to keep his memory sharp.  It would be too hard to start again after a couple of  months.  I would love to do more natural fun math activities, instead of traditional workbooks.  Something fun for summer!

To keep handwriting in practice, I thought I might have the kids write some letters to friends and family

Some Fun Science Experiments

Field Trips

This may sound like a lot but truly just a little of this each week and I want to treat it more like fun activities to do with the kids then like school work.

What are some fun things you want to do this summer while your kids are on break?

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