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Keeping learning alive in the summer can be a lot of fun. Some homeschoolers do school all year round and some take the traditional summer break. I do take a summer break-I love taking a break not only for the kids but for me, it gives me time to plan for the new year, get some house projects done and just have some down time with the kids.

Although I take a break, learning never really stops here at home. There are so many great things you can do with your children to keep learning alive, for us homeschoolers as well as parents who do traditional schools.

Writing letters is a great way to help children with their handwriting skills, I have them write to friends and family. You can also have them write poems or stories to grandparents and relatives, I even have my kids illustrate them. It can be a copied poem (of course giving credit to writer) or one they make up themselves. This also helps with grammar and story writing.

Our family is a lover of books, we read ALOT and summer can be great for reading list. Many libraries have summer reading programs that helps motivate children even more. I like my kids to read some everyday, AND I make sure to read to them. Reading aloud is not just for younger children, you create wonderful memories when you read great classics to your older children. It creates great conversations and bonding time.

Field trips are always fun, I would bet almost every summer vacation has field trips in it. Kids learn so much traveling, they learn about the roads, the different states, animals that live in different places, the weather and so much more. We just visited Pennsylvania and went to Punxsutawney where we learned all about the weather. Even a staycation at home teaches you so much, the zoo, the acquarium, museums and so much more.

There are so many learning websites now and sometimes we throw together a math sheet or science experiment together that we read about on the internet. A great way to practice some of those skills so they are not forgotten.

We also continue music lessons and art at home in the summer, I have one son who play the piano beautifully and two that draw WAY better then their mom.

Most of all I believe kids need time to play, there is so much that can be done by just getting dirty in the sandbox, swimming in the pool, using their imagination in their play forts and being with family and friends. Now days every hour is structured for kids and studies show that it hasn’t made a big impact on learning, maybe has even hurt the learning process. Kids need time to be kids, it opens their minds and gives them time to mature for the next school year.

What are some ways you keep learning alive in the summer?

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    I’m a ‘graduated’ homeschool mom… but I think I can still dredge up some memories! 😉

    We schooled all year, but with less rigor during the summer. Field trips were a great source of learning (but you already listed that.) The other thing that we loved was visiting people. I’d focus on finding people to visit who had interesting professions – or professions that the kids were interested in. It became a way to open up their eyes to the people and world around them, and allowed me a chance for some adult talk-time.

    (I do miss homeschooling. It was a great lifestyle for our family. Fortunately, I’m still working with my son – thought it’s his business and he’s the one in charge now!)
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