Summer Organization!

Last summer I was able to get a lot done around the house.  We switched rooms around and got rid of A LOT of stuff, it is amazing how much better it has made things,  so with summer around the corner I have already wrote a list of all I want to accomplish.  It is nice having the extra time during our summer break from school and I know it will again help make things better.  For every bag that leaves this house, I’m like YES!  So my list goes like this

I want to organize and declutter all closets in the house

I want to empy some containers I have in my school room of stuff we are not using anymore, I want to check all the bookcases in this house and get rid of books.  Ouch, now getting rid of books for me is HARD!

I want to go through all the board games at home and throw out the ones with missing pieces or reorder pieces(depending how many are missing)

Organize entertainment centers and computer desks (they are hot spots where things tend to gather)

Organize kitchen cabinets and pantry (throw away all expired food) and medicine cabinet (I know there is old stuff in there)

Organize my towel closet (it’s a mess)

Odds n end piles

My kitchen hutch (may get rid of it and make family center there)

My scrapbooking stuff

My boys room (need containers for legos and cars) It tends to look a lot more cluttered because of lack of storage space

Well that should take my whole summer, LOL.   What are your organization plans?

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