Traditions that Give Back with Hickory Farms

The holidays are the perfect time to enjoy family traditions and to start new ones!  Traditions matter because they give a sense of belonging and help you pass down your family values and your legacy!  They also help you create wonderful family memories and connect with your family and friends on a deeper level! Sometimes […]

World Vision Catalog {Giveaway}

This holiday season, let the scarf around your neck, the ornaments on your tree, or the wooden serving spoons on your table be conversation starters. What’s the topic? Children and families in impoverished communities and solving the challenges they are facing, such as access to food, clean water, education, and more. How can a clothing […]

White Christmas Interactive Movie

A friend  blessed my husband and I with movie tickets recently.  This wasn’t just a regular old movie, it was an interactive movie where you do certain things such as throwing snow and clapping during the movie to bring more life to it.  It was the classic “White Christmas”  We had such a wonderful time, […]

Christmas Ornaments from Zazzle (coupon code Giveaway)

I just love Christmas and I LOVE ornaments.  One of my favorite times is decorating the tree with my family and talking about all the ornaments we have.  We have the homemade ones from the kids (from the time they were very little) we have ones given to us from friends and family, trips we […]

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