31 Days of Fall Fun

Well, as you see my 31 days series fell off somewhere.  Not intentional.  I received a lovely virus on my computer and it has totally messed my blogging up.  I was out of town for Relevant and couldn’t even publish drafts.  I also lost several things, so with all that said I am going to […]

Day 26: Giving Thanks

It won’t be long and it will be Thanksgiving.  Fall is a wonderful time to make gratitude trees or to start a gratitude jar.  Have your kids write one thing each day they are thankful for and throw them in a jar and by Thanksgiving Day you will have many things your family can share […]

Day 25: Fall Photos

The fall time can be wonderful for taking photos.  You can have the most beautiful scene for your background with a tree with different color leaves or leaves on the ground. If you live in a mountain area the backgrounds are gorgeous.  You can really get creative by Having your kids or family pose in leave […]

Day 24: Fall Picnic

Do you have any trees in your yard?  A fall picnic is delightful!  It is especially fun if there are leaves everywhere, just a wonderful time to be in nature and enjoy one anothers company.  Pack a simple lunch and head out, if you don’t have a tree in your yard go out to a […]

Day 18: Fun with Apples

Photo credit There is something about apples that reminds us of fall.  Maybe it is because it is popular time to visit an apple orchard or to bob for apples or even to make a warm apple pie.  These are all wonderful things you can do with your children that would make for a great fall […]

Day 17: Visit a Farm

A wonderful fall activity to do with your family during fall time is to visit a farm.  This can be a lot of fun for everyone and often they have a pumpkin patch or hayride with them.  Many times the farm has educational activites throughout like milking a cow or seeing a sheep get sheared.   […]

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