10 Tips To Teach Your Teenagers about Safety

There is something about being young that sometimes makes you feel invincible.  I remember when I was in college and my fiance at the time (now husband) would worry about me if I was out late or alone at certain times.  I was always thinking he was just being overprotective but in reality there were dangers […]

10 Tips to Get Your Child to do Chores

It is not easy to get our children to do chores, especially with a good attitude.  However, chores are important, not only for character growth but for teaching them about how to become responsible adults! Here are 10 Tips to get your child to do chores! 1.  Make Them – I know this should just […]

Fun Ways to Connect This Summer

Photo Credit Summer is upon on and this is the perfect time to invest in the relationship with our kids.  There are so many wonderful things you can do this summer, the years you have with your children are going so fast.  Just look at your pictures of last summer or the size clothes/shoes they […]

Sally Clarkson

Sally Clarkson is one of the first mom authors that touched my heart on what kind of mom I really wanted to be.  A Godly woman who wanted her kids to grow up in a home that was filled with love, educational opportunities in the home, A God focus, and grace filled parenting all rolled […]


I was honored that I was invited for a prescreening of Courageous! This movie is made by the same people that made Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and Fly Wheel! I really didn’t think they could pull off a movie better then those, wow! I was wrong! This movie was so POWERFUL. I will be writing […]

Lunch Helper

One of the chores I have been assigning lately to my kids is lunch helper.  This is also great at breakfast and dinner.  I truly can’t believe how much time I save by having the help.  They get things out of the fridge for me, pour drinks, put veggies, chips, or whatever side item on […]

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