Technology for Tots: Finding the Right Tablet for your Child

The children of today are impressively tech savvy. Their approach to technology is intuitive as they have, in many cases, grown up with things like the internet and home PCs. However, this doesn’t mean every parent is eager to hand over an expensive gadget at playtime!

Rather than risking your pricey and decidedly ‘grown-up’ iPad, consider tablet computers that are designed specifically to be durable and most importantly, parent-controlled. Here are some of the best kid-friendly tablets on the market today.

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra

This tablet is geared to kids aged 4-9 and perfect for beginners who are new to tablets. It features 11 preloaded apps and 500 more available for download. Each app charts the child’s progress but apps are quite expensive, ranging from £5 to £15 for games. The unit also features a secure web browser that allows kids to safely explore selected online content.

iPad mini

The ubiquitous iPad comes in mini form and is the lightest Apple tablet available. This particular option is great for older kids who can be trusted to take extra special care of their tablet as the price point is quite high. Offering over 375,000 apps, parents can source a range of educational tools, games, books and music. This tablet is perfect for kids who are already familiar with the Apple brand and know how to maximise the functionality of such a sophisticated product.

Fuhu nabi 2

This tablet comes preloaded with over 2,000 math, science and English lessons as well as the ability to create lists of chores. While this functionality might not seem too appealing to kids, the nabi 2 turns housework into a game; once a task is completed kids are rewarded with ‘nabi coins’ which can in turn be used to purchase games, music or other applications. The unit is protected with a silicone case and runs on a powerful processor, offers extended battery life and features extra cloud storage.

Tablets are fantastic products offering many benefits for kids of all ages: they’re compact, robust, educational and entertaining. When shopping for a tablet for your child, it’s important to remember that technology grows and changes as much as they do so consider your investment wisely and think about their needs in the future as well as what they want now.

Image by OLPC, used under Creative Comms license

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