Thank You Jesus!

MY HUSBAND GOT A JOB! We are so so excited! I can’t even tell you, it has been almost a year since we got the bad news he was being laid off, I will write more soon about our incredible journey. PRAISE JESUS, HE gets all the praise! I’m so proud of my husband, he has been through 6 interviews, they started with 400 applicants. And just like God, they told him a salary and decided to today that they would give him 2,000 more a year then that. Isn’t God AWESOME!

I will write soon about the blessings God has done for us during this time and thanks to all the families that have been praying for us, HE hears the prayers of the righteous! That is YOU my friends!

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  1. mama4x says

    Yay! and He poured out that little extra too! What a great God we serve. I am so pleased to hear about this! My husband has been unemployed without unemployment income since November. But this month he begins using the "Post 9/11 GI Bill" which pays for schooling AND a stipend which will cover our rent and car payment! So I guess if we wait long enough, something will work out. So glad to hear your news.

  2. Layton Family Joy says

    Angela what great news! That is wonderful!!
    (I had missed you on the HSV link up this week and came over to see how you were doing – such a treat to share in that excitement and lift up praise)!


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