Thank You Readers

I’m so excited to see Angela’s Analysis growing so much.  I am getting the greatest emails from my winners and readers and it thrills my heart.

I wanted to remind my google friends that if you followed me through google friend connect that it is now gone!  I hated to see my 500 plus friends just disappear but google decided they were only going to keep that for blogger blogs, (real bummer) so if you were following me please make sure you are a facebook fan and/or you are subscribing to the blog.  I do list some extra deals on my facebook page that I don’t always put here so make sure you don’t miss those!

I will be listing more deals for you soon so if you like coupons and deals be looking for that.  If not, don’t worry,  I will still have lots of reviews and giveaways.

I just wanted to remind my readers that I do have another blog called Mom With Heart where I talk a lot about connecting with our kids, homeschooling, and faith so feel free to join me over there too!  I really appreciate all of my readers.  Thanks so much!

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