25. A job interview for my dh this Tuesday

26. I have had some real health issues lately, Praise God I’m improving

27. Great chiropractor and nutritionist who have helped me SO much, I know God sent me to them, thanks to a great friend who help make it happen

28. GREAT GREAT friends, wow-they say your blessed if you have one great friend and I have so many that love the Lord and love me, how blessed and rich it makes me feel!

29. A night at the local carnival for family night, we HAD such a great time! We made a memory for sure!

30. Unemployment extension, although I want more then anything for us to be off of this, it helps with provision until God sends the real answer, please pray it comes quickly…..

31. Homeschool Planning, I LOVE this time of year

32. Great books, we are enjoying Narnia right now….

33. Answered prayer

34. My 7 yr olds sons countdown to his birthday, it is Thursday and every morning he gives me the count! I love to hear his excitement of the big day!

35. His Grace, I praise HIM that it is new every morning!

36. Air conditioning, Praise God we have it in these 100 degree days.

Check out Ann’s blog for more thankgiving……………………………………….
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