Counting my blessings…………..

91.  A great school year we are finishing up!  The best year ever!

92.  Answered prayer, thank you Jesus for hearing little old me and granting so many requests.

93.  Mercy not only from the Lord himself but from friends who understand when your hurting

94.  A daughter who says,” I want to be like mom when I grow up, a homeschooling mom and wife” 

95.  A son with learning disability that is reading words and words and words.  Praise God, our work is paying off!  He is so excited    and we are excited for him. 

96.  My mom’s surgery going well

97.  Time spent with her while recovering

98.  The piano playing……..sweet sweet music

99.   The sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

100.  A wonderful Mothers Day with my children and my mom, thank you Lord for these three wonderful children that call me MOM

101.  Priceless gifts

102.  Animals that make us smile!  Isn’t God’s creation so so good?

103.  A dear friend who quietly whispers in my ear, your the best mom I know.  Oh how little she knows of my faults and weaknesses and how often I fail, only HIS grace carries me.  But thank you Lord for her LOVE!

104.  Laughing so hard with friends the tears roll down your eyes

105.  So many great memories with my mother in law, has it truly been 4 Mothers Days you have not been with us now?    How I miss you!

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