The Greatest Gift You Can Give to Your Children


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Some of the sweetest words I hear my kids often say to me are “mom, will you pray for me?”  It might be before a recital they are nervous about or a thunderstorm brewing outside that causes fear in one of them, or just because something is on their heart.  One thing they know they can ALWAYS count on is that mom will pray for them and will until my dying last breath.   

The greatest gift we can give to our children is our prayers.  I believe the prayers that come from mothers are powerful ones and we should never under estimate them.   God knows our hearts and our children better than we do and HE is faithful to answer.  We see the power of prayer of Hannah and many other mothers in the Bible that prayed about their children.

We always remember to pray for our children’s health, behavior, and salvation.  Let us not forget to pray about their future.  Some great things to pray about for your children are……………..

Join me today at Joyful Mothering where I am guest blogging to read the rest!  Very excited to be there!

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