The Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit

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I love the fall.   This time of year is just beautiful and always reminds me that the holidays are coming along with all the back to school activities!    It is real time of excitement in our house,
but the one downside is along with the cooler weather often comes the runny noses.  What can
make it worse is when you have a child with allergies because it becomes very difficult to tell the
difference in whether symptoms are caused by colds or allergies.

I was thrilled to hear we now have a tool to help us know some the differences.  It is called The
“Smart Allergy Mom  TM Toolkit,”  and it is an online resource that helps parents learn more about
their kids’ allergies and how to manage them. The makers of Children’s Claritin® created this website to answer allergy questions and help moms make smart decisions.


Some of the wonderful information in the Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit you can expect is:

Information about seasonal symptoms and allergy relief options.

Various tools to help understand and manage allergies in kids, including an allergy forecaster to
track pollen count in your area (I love this feature).

The Kit helps you understand the differences in cold vs. allergy symptoms and even provides
talking points to help you speak to your pediatrician about allergies.

Best of all, it gives you tips on how to manage the allergies in your children.  It is so hard when
we moms can’t help our kids feel better.


Children’s Claritin can be a great option in helping with relief for kids’ allergies.  It is the #1
Pediatrician Recommended Non-Drowsy Oral Allergy Brand for kids ages 2+ and that says a
lot!  It also provides non-drowsy relief of runny nose, sneezing, itchy, watery eyes and itchy nose
or throat.

I have a child that will barely take medicine at all so I love that it comes in chewable grape and bubble gum or in syrup form in grape.

Just head over to Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit and grab yours!

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