The Lessons of the Dawn Treader

We recently saw the new Narnia movie, we have been reading the Narnia books and just happened to be at The Voyage of the Dawn Treader when the movie came out.  I really enjoyed the movie, I felt like the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and the Dawntreader was closer to the book then Prince Caspian.  There were many moments in the film that were inspiring and so many lessons given.  I love the fact the Eustace started out with very weak character and how Narnia adventure changed him.

  I love the scene where Lucy is wanting so bad to be beautiful and Aslan reminds her of her value.  We all question our value at times, don’t we?  Are we pretty enough, are we in the right circles, do our kids fit in, and on and on often forgetting that God himself created us, HE doesn’t make mistakes or wish HE could redo.  We all have a purpose, to Glorify HIM and HE gifted us with exactly what we need to do that.

  The part where the kids would be warned they would be tempted was good too, a great reminder that the world will pull and pull on us wanting us as believers to be sucked in by its glitter.  Riches, Fame, Beauty, ah they are all tempting but will never satifsy.  Just look at Hollywood to know that.   We need to be careful and keep our eyes on eternity, for it is there that we will be forever and ever.  The things of this world will pass away but our reward will last lifetimes. 

I’m amazed at the gift of CS Lewis, what a wonderful author-we are blessed to be able to read anything he wrote.  He was a man who knew his Savior and no doubt God inspired his work.  I’m also struck by the fact that the lessons he tells are ones that are just as important today(probably more so because of such a culture decline) then the years he wrote them.  May we all learn from his wonderful stories of the kids in Narnia.

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