As a member of The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew this year, I was given the opportunity to review a computer-based learning program called Time 4 Learning. I really wanted this for my eight year old who has some special needs. He struggles with reading and understanding certain concepts. Time4Learning has been known to help children with special needs including dylexia.

Time 4 Learning is a flexible, online program that can be used for homeschoolers as a part of their curriculum, or for supplementation for any curriculum you already use. It includes Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science for grades Preschool through 8th grade, and costs $19.95 per month for the first child and $14.95 for subsequent children. For that price, your child can access the site as much or as little as they like, can move between 3 grade levels in the different subjects instantly, and can track their progress with Time 4 Learning’s detailed progress reports.

This is from the website

The Time4Learning curriculum can be the foundation of a homeschool program. Many homeschool families use Time4Learning as core curriculum in one or more subjects. Others families use Time4Learning to supplement other homeschool curriculum with a fun, interactive reinforcement of the day’s lessons. Families with children in public or private schools use Time4Learning afterschool as an alternative to tutoring, learning centers, or supplementary workbooks. Time4Learning is also popular as a summer skills sharpener or in place of attending summer school.

This is a very fun program, I have tried other computer programs and none have been as fun as this one, the pages on the site are very colorful and the graphics are great! It is one of those programs that one child can be doing and all the other children want to try, it is really a cool site. The site is computer based and if you have been wanting your kids to learn more about the computer, this is a great one to learn with. You use the mouse, the keyboard, and the activities are based on age and grade. The program is very child friendly, it is a safe place you as a parent would feel good about.

Comprehensive lesson plans are readily available on their site. You can print these and add them to your planner-great feature! For each subject, the child works through a series of different types of games, then at the end, Time 4 Learning has an idea button. When you click it, you are sent to a page that gives you ideas to extend the learning for your student outside of playing on the computer.

The only challenge I have had is because my son isn’t reading well because of his learning issues I have to read a lot of it to him and that can be time consuming but really can’t be helped because if he was doing the activities with a lower reading level the material would be too young for him, I really think I’m going to keep this subscription for him, I think it will be a great supplement for a special needs child and give him something he can see success with right away and that to me is very IMPORTANT!

There are some great demo pages you can try out on their webpage.

As a member of the Homeschool Crew, I was given this product to review. I was not paid for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are mine.

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  1. Sheri says

    Nice Angela-I too have a dyslexic child that I spent more time reading the directions, helping than it was worth for us. Glad you found something you can include in his studies. Great job reviewing.
    FM Sheri

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