Top Ten Homeschool Crew Picks 2010-2011

As I said in a previous post the Blue Ribbon Awards were given by the Homeschool Crew recently and I wanted to name my favorite top 10. Now keep in mind I didn’t get to review everything that was on the list. None of us review it all so I can only speak to my top 10 that I reviewed. If your interested in the review you can click on the name of the product and it will show you the review. I love all of these, they are not in any certain order by preference. I just put them up random.


Apologia Read for the Heart– This is such a great resource to have if you are a book lover family. Great recommendations for books to read to your children and great readers for them to read for themselves. Love this book!


Who Is God?- I will admit, I have LOVED the Apologia’s books that have been offered so you will see several on my list. This has been such a wonderful book for my 12 yr old to work through. I love that it is teaching him Why he believes what He does with his own relationship with Christ. It is such a great book and personal study that is perfect for his age. I want my children to have a firm foundation on what they believe and why.

Illustrated Bible Dictionary-this is colorful, beautiful, dictionary just for the Bible. I love it and not only have I used in for school time but also for teaching at my church, it is a great Bible resource for the children.


Math Facts Now– a great math drill program that helps your children learn their math facts and guess what, it WORKS! This has really helped my children learn their math facts, even ones they really struggled with.

IEW Phonetics Zoo– Wow, I wasn’t even looking for a spelling program for my oldest. I truly thought we were good. I was so WRONG! This has been such a blessing and even though it is a little more work then our old spelling program my oldest son came to me one day and said I really feel like I’m learning spelling and he was very proud. He loves this program. I will be starting All About Spelling next year with my yongest and when they are done with that they will move into IEW and I was excited to see that is exactly what IEW suggests.


Good Morning God– Another Apologia book. This was such a delightful childs book that had a devotional (for younger children) that goes with it. It made my kids appreciate so much about their day and the illustrations were beautiful. This was a big hit in our workboxes each day. They were disappointed when we were done, so we may go through it again.

Master Innovations

Master Innovations– What a great Ruler, every homeschool should have one of these. The Master Ruler Starter Set comes with a Standard Master Ruler, a Metric Master Ruler, a Teacher’s Model Master Ruler and Master Ruler Workbook which is reproducible-several rulers in one!

Smart Kids-Nanuq– we had such a great time studying polar bears. My youngest two kids loved the video and the book and each day for a week we would do a different activity on the video-Another big hit in our workboxes.

Corps of Re-Discovery– I love products that make learning come to life. There is just something wonderful about making something that children of our past have made or experience something in history. My son made a great Indian pouch, he loves it and was very proud that he helped put it together with an easy kit.

PhotobucketEagle’s Wings: Considering God’s Creation– A great elementry science curriculum that is based on creation and has a biblical worldview. It has many cut and paste and hands on activities for your kids. You can use it for several kids at one time. Great put together curriculum!

That is it, I feel so blessed that I was able to experience all these great products and look foward to see what this coming school year brings with the Crew!

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