Ways to Make Memories with Friends

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Not only do I love making memories with my family, I also love making them with friends.  They say you are truly blessed if you have one good friend in life and I have to say, I am very rich in this area.  I feel blessed to have many Godly women in my life.  Women that pour into my life with their advice, wisdom, prayers, and love

It can be very hard to keep in touch with friends so you have to really be purposeful in planning time with them, otherwise it never happens.  We are all so busy with our lives and even though we care deeply for each other if it is not planned out sometimes dates with our friends don’t happen.  After you get together, you are always so glad you did, you realize how much you miss this and need it in your life.

My friend Lis planned a theme for a get together last night, themes can be very fun!  There were six of us girls eating dinner, laughing and sharing a gift with one another.  It was a very nice time. She planned a Christmas in July dinner, we used to get together every Chrsitmas season and have dinner and exchange gifts.  However, money was getting tight for us at that time, in this economy it is always tight, but we thought it would be fun to exchange in July instead.  We still get together for our Christmas dinner but we are doing the gift in July now, which also gets us together another time and we love an excuse to get together again.

Ideas for get togethers with your friends:

Scrapbooking/crafting day

Cooking a meal together

Themes/Some based on movies or books (my friend Dorothy does this a lot, they are so much fun)see my Jane Austin Post, 3rd part is coming soon

Homeschool planning Days (so much fun planning your homeschool schedule with another mom)

Walking together

Bible studies/prayer times

Playgroups with kids

What fun things do you do with your friends?

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  1. says

    I’m still working on getting my circle of friends together. I live in a college town, and people rotate through all the time. Out here many people seem to just want to go out and drink or just go watch movies. I’m trying to meet people who want to go out and do other things, but I’ve been lazy about it, so it’s definitely my fault. 😉
    Amethyst recently posted..1,000 Page Views

  2. says

    Great post. And that Liss sure sounds like a great friend HEHE! 🙂 It was a great time last night.

    Amethyst, pray about this, although I’m sure you have been. It took me until after my college years to find really really great friends. Now that I have it’s blessed my life in so many ways. I used to pray for a one good woman friend and now I have so MANY! Some are my age, some older, some younger, but I get something special out of each relationship. Don’t give up on this dream 🙂
    Liss recently posted..New look, contest

  3. says

    This is a wonderful idea. I am lucky that my religious practice affords me the opportunity to share Friday night dinners with my friends (and my children’s friends) throughout the year. Their presence is our present- because the time we have may be all we have.
    Or, as my son once said (nigh 18 years ago)… Where’ our sign, daddy? We serve billions, too!
    Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A. recently posted..Big Brother is Coming to Town- YOUR town!

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