We Are Worthy!

I loved Gypsy Mama post about understanding what real beauty was and wasn’t.  It made me think of a paragraph I wrote on the movie The Vogage of The Dawn Treader, I LOVED this scene in the movie with Lucy and Aslan, it spoke to me so much.   

It is where Lucy is wanting so bad to be beautiful and Aslan reminds her of her value.  We all question our value at times, don’t we?  Are we pretty enough, are we in the right circles, do our kids fit in, and on and on often forgetting that God himself created us, HE doesn’t make mistakes or wish HE could redo.  We all have a purpose, to Glorify HIM and HE gifted us with exactly what we need to do that.

We know that Aslan represents Jesus in the books/movie and during the scene where Aslan is speaking to Lucy I thought of Jesus. 

What would HE say about my insecurities at times? 

 Does He think I’m beautiful?   The answer that came back was YES! 

I am precious in his sight, HE created me and I don’t want to lose who HE made me to be. 

 God loves ME, regardless of how much I weigh, how I dress, is my nose small enough and on and on the list goes.  Women have a way of making themselves less worthy then they are because they wear the world’s standards and forget what God’s standards are.

  We are WORTHY, is it because of us?  NO, it is because of HIM!

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  1. says

    Angela, I love this line “HE doesn’t make mistakes or wish HE could redo.” So many times, there are things about my appearance that I would like to change. But thank you for this post, and for that line–I’ll continue to remind myself about that so that I’ll be better at accepting myself for who I am. 🙂

  2. Angela says

    Caroline, your right it is what is comforting, knowing it is HIM, if is was based on our own ablilites we would be in trouble.

    Irene, I have to remind myself of it all the time, even my children. My daughter said something the other day that made me cringe about her appearance. I said, ” I don’t ever want to hear that again, God created you and he does ALL THINGS GOOD, it is amazing how young us girls/women start to fill ourselves with the world’s lies isn’t it?

  3. says

    Thanks for the reminder! I’m dealing with some personal issues that really affect my sense of self-worth, and I try hard not to pass this on to my daughter, but I know there’s an effect…
    Mozi Esmes Mom recently posted..Random Stuff

  4. says

    The scene from Voyage of the Dawn Treader that gets me is when Eustace sees Aslan for the first time and starts scratching at himself, trying to get the dragon skin off…but without Aslan’s help, he just can’t. The first time I saw that movie (and possibly every time since…ahem) I squalled! : )
    Heathahlee recently posted..My New Craft Room! Part 3

  5. says

    I think the Narnia movies and the amazing imagery has helped me reinforce so many things I have taught the boys about Jesus and Christianity. They are such visual learners, and some of the scenes are so intense and perfect. What a gift they have been to us.
    I love the part you pulled here. I’m currently sporting the worst haircut of my life, and I’m on a medication that always makes me gain weight – As I go through this uncomfortable couple of weeks, It’s a good time for the reminder. Thank you for your wonderful post.
    Catherine – Our Village is a Little Different recently posted..Chicken Soup for the Soul: Just for Teenagers/Just for PreTeens – Review and #Giveaway @ChickenSoupSoul (ends 8/28)

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