We made pyramids!

We just finished week 4 in Creations to the Greeks in My Fathers World. We did quite a bit of map work, you learn the map of the Bible lands with a story about a boat, my boys are really getting it. It was so exciting when they were doing book basket this week my 2nd grader saw the map in one of the books and he said I know this map, “it is the one with the boat” I was thrilled it was getting through. We learned a lot about pyramids this week. Today we made a couple of our own with straws and clay-it was amazing to see how sturdy they were, you could push on the top and it wouldn’t move at all. A great science lesson on why the shape of the pyramids was so important and just look at the pyramids that are still standing today because of it.

Go to Lainie’s for more Weekly Highlights.

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  1. Pam says

    This is one experiment that we will definitely do. What a great, easy way to see the basic construction of pyramids.

  2. Kysha says

    We loved week 4! Wasn't it fun? The way the pyramids were created is amazing. I'm learning right along with my children.

  3. Michelle says

    love the pictures. We didn't do much of these because mom was lazy and didn't get the required materials. Anyway, its nice to see the pictures. My kids are still learning despite their dumb mom.

  4. Tammi Kay says

    It looks like your pyramids help together better than ours. I used chopsticks which were way too long. Every time we stuck something together, we had to take a deep breath or the breeze would blow it down.

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