Webkinz Birthday Party

My Show n Tell is my son’s webkinz party! I can’t wait to share with you all. Well first of all for the ones who don’t know webkinz, they are stuff animals that you buy and they have a code on them. You bring them home and put the code in the website under adoption and your child can adopt a pet, they then can build a virtual home, buy things for their yard, play games and work jobs to earn money. its really quite fun! The site is www.webkinz.com. We have never given our son a birthday party with friends, they are usually very expensive and his birthday is in December so its just so much to ask people to come at this time of year. We decided to give him a party with the webkinz theme, my husband and yes I will admit it even me like to play webkinz sometimes so we looked at some sites that helped us come up with some ideas and we had some great games for the party. This is the invitation. The site that helped us the most is http://www.squidoo.com/webkinzbirthdayideas
We then came in for the last game, the balloon dartz-there were different prizes under some, some 1.00 store gifts, some for webkinz money and some for candy and some empty just like the real thing.
We then went out for the gem hunt. I bought geodes from www.orientaltrading.com You take them outside and hit them with a rock or hammer and some have jewels in them.

I do have a lot of pics however most of them have the group in them, I will not post pictures of other peoples children without parents permission so you will just see mine, I will try to tell you everything we did, We had so much fun! I can’t tell you what a success it was! First we made crown of wonders, you can earn one of these in the daily gem hunt on webkinz. Everyone was asked to bring their favorite webkinz and we sat at the table with crowns and gems and made one for each one.
Here is the cake, The W sign for Webkinz, its very colorful-My dh asked the lady at Krogers in the cake department if she thought she could do this, she said she could do a W with cupcakes if we brought her a picture of what we wanted. We did half chocolate and half yellow-it turned out so nice!

When the kids came in they were all able to spin the wheel of Wow that my dh made, he was so proud of this.

We printed webkinz money, this took dh quite some time. He found a picture of real money and then put pics of my sons favorite webkinz in the middle.

We then had the W cake and sherbert ice cream, the same color of the sherbert bunny! I gave each child a pack of webkinz trading cards at the end. We let them cash in their webkinz money for a prize on their webkinz account, my husband and I play sometimes with our son so we had tons of money we don’t use so we sat down at the computer and sent them a webkinz gift on the computer. This was great because it was a prize that cost us nothing. We had so much fun! Hope you enjoy the pics! My son said it was his best birthday ever and what was so great was we worked on this as a family, thats why it will be so remembered. My son was telling us that night that he loved his presents but thats not even what made it so great, it was the planning of the party and the friends that were there sharing it with him, wow-is he growing up!


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