What do YOU do for Bee Stings?

Well I know summer is here!  My kids are enjoying playing with their friends outside, swimming in our pool and going to the park.  Summer also means sunburn (if I’m not careful to keep us covered with sunscreen) and bug bites/bee stings.  My son was stung several days ago by a bee and we thought he was fine, until yesterday!  His toe (where he was stung) started swelling and swelling)  He had welts and redness move to his foot so we decided  we better make a trip to the dr.  I was afraid it had become infected but actually he had an allergic reaction from the bee sting.  He has been stung before so I was surprised.  The dr. prescribed him a steroid and told me the things to look out for.


I always use toothpaste to take out the sting and it really does help a lot.  I have heard of baking soda, onion, garlic, epson salts, and more. Of course none of these would have worked for this case.  But most of the time toothpaste does the trick.

What do you do for a bee sting?

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    Luckily, the kids and I have never been stung by a bee before. I wouldn’t even know what to do if we had. Hope he’s doing okay!

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