What Kind of Black Friday Shopper Are You?


I love to go Christmas Shopping!  I have realized over the years that although you may have several friends who love to shop you have to find the perfect shopper for you to take with you on black Friday!  Some friends love to look and look and never buy so you spend all day shopping with very little to show for it, or some don’t put much effort in at all and you don’t get much done!  They stop at a store or two and then they are done!

I am a list girl.  I love to shop but I need to have purpose doing it.  I take a detailed list of exactly what I need to get and I go looking for that list!  I’m so blessed to have my mom, because she shops exactly the way I do!  Every year we go out on black Friday to shop for our loved ones and we always have a blast! We don’t always hit the stores real early; we just don’t always feel like it’s worth it!  It depends on what we are looking for that particular year.  If you are looking for a big ticket item that you can only get at dawn it may just be worth it but we find that most of the weekend the prices are good and if we get a later start it is ok!   We always go out to eat together and stop anytime we need a drink break!

I love the infographic above from OfficeMax, it makes you think about how you shop and what’s important to you as you go out!

While you are preparing to shop this year make sure to check out OfficeMax’s lowest prices ever by checking out their “Deal Center” site .

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What kind of a Black Friday shopper are you?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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