What Really Matters!

A couple of weeks ago we had to go to our basement for a possible tornado sighting. What really made this scary was the sky near our home was really creepy looking. The clouds were lower then I have ever seen in person and the storm was bad. We gathered our pets (two cats and 1 dog) and of course our family and went to our basement. We prayed, TWICED! Praise to God a tornado never came and it it wasn’t long and we were able to come upstairs. The real bummer ended up being that our electric was out for hours and it was a 90-degree day but hey that beats a tornado any day!

I have really been convicted lately to simplify my life, less stuff all the way around. I have really enjoyed de clutterering this summer. Every bag that goes in the garbage, to Goodwill, or to other people has been a huge blessing and feels like a load off.

I was thinking as I was in the basement what would I really miss if my home was destroyed? Trust me I don’t want to lose my home but I do know it can be replaced. I was amazed of how little that would feel like a great loss. Of course before anything would be my family, the thought of a loss there is too painful to even think of , I would hate to lose a pet (you know how that is) They are a part of your family but material things, well what would I miss? Of course my prayer was and thankfully answered I wouldn’t lose anything but if I had to this is all I could think that would cause a real ache in my heart.

My pictures (ones developed and ones in my computer) There are so many memories there! That would be a great loss.

A few things my daughter and I inherited from my MIL”S passing this year- they don’t have great monetary worth but they are worth so so much in my heart. It would be sad to lose them.

My curriculum and school books-its true these could be replaced. But with a tight budget and many of these things borrowed-it would be so difficult to replace them for this coming school year.

Our home videos- Wow, my husband is a video making machine-he would be DEVASTED to lose these. There is nothing he loves more then to video his family making memories, let me tell you! Many Many hours of our family making memories, many with my MIL that passed. What a loss that would be!

That was my list; out of all the stuff we have when it came down to it that’s what I would miss the most! It’s amazing how things that cost so little are what we cherish the most. It’s a great thing to remember when we want to spend too much on something that doesn’t have real value! It helped give me a new perspective!

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