What’s On Your Nightstand?

I’m LOVING Crazy Love Overwhemed by a Relentless God by Francis Chan right now. I can’t hardly put it down. It is very convicting. It really helps you realize how much God LOVES you and how HE wants us to LOVE him back! This book talks about why we are not enjoying the deep relationship with God that HE intended, why are we missing out? It is great, I may do a review on it later.

The other book is from Karen Ehman, if there has every been a time I’m struggling with organization it is NOW. I have always struggled but now it is CRAZY, I’m loving her funny stories and great ideas. She has me really thinking about wanting to simplify my life.

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  1. Lisa writes... says

    Crazy Love is GREAT.

    I am organizationally challenged so I would probably benefit from the complete guide–that is, if I really wanted to get and stay organized…


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