Where is God on Your Schedule?

photo credit to by little blue hen Stacy Flicker Creative Commons

I used to sit down to make out my schedule and I would write down all the things I needed to do, places I needed to go, school that I needed to teach and on and on with my daily activities. And then I would squeeze God in there somewhere, I mean surely I could fit HIM right? I’m ashamed to admit that many times I didn’t, usually HE was pushed aside and many days would go by and I had not even prayed until my head hit the pillow where I usually fell asleep!

Where was the joy in my day?

Many times we say God is first in our lives,, but we don’t truly make HIM top priority. We make excuses- we have small children, we are just so busy, we have a larger family then most, we homeschool, and on and on we go but we have a hard time understanding why things are stressful and hard.  We need God in our day, we are missing fellowship with HIM and we need God so much for strength to be a mom and a wife.

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  1. Angela says

    I’m glad you were blessed by the post. I know it is something I have to remind myself of when I get off track. Thanks for the visit.


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