White Christmas Interactive Movie

A friend  blessed my husband and I with movie tickets recently.  This wasn’t just a regular old movie, it was an interactive movie where you do certain things such as throwing snow and clapping during the movie to bring more life to it.  It was the classic “White Christmas”  We had such a wonderful time, it was the perfect date night!

The theater we went to is in a little town called Mariemont, near Cincinnati.  I love this town, it has such a homey, cozy feeling to it and still has the old fashioned theater .  You know, the real small kind that you used to see right in the middle of town.  Charming and wonderful!

white christmas1

We all sang songs before the movie start and then we were given our directions. Things such as throw snow everytime the word snow is mentioned,  AAh when they kiss, clap when the audience in the movie clap and many more.  Everyone was so in to it and the place was full of laughter, Christmas gear and SNOW!  I feel bad for the ones who have to clean it up.

White Christmas2

Here is my hubby covered, the lady behind us felt he didn’t have enough snow on him so she helped him out!

WhiteChristmas 3

If you ever get a chance to go to an interactive movie GO, it is SO much fun! Of course the classic movie was great too.  There just isn’t talent like that anymore.  Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney and all of the actors were so great!    Not only could they act but they could sing and dance and make you laugh without one dirty joke.  It was just a wonderful movie and we had so much fun!  This movie always sells out so if you plan on going next year, get your tickets as soon as you can!

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