Who Is God?

PhotobucketWe LOVE apologia here in our homeschooling. The most important thing I want my kids to understand and know when they graduate is why they believe what they believe. I find it the most startling that children coming from Christian homes are leaving churches in droves when they are adults, we as Christians are clearly NOT doing something right. Our children need to know why they believe in Jesus, there will come a time where they will own their own faith (totally) they won’t be able to say because mom and dad said so, and we want them to be able to defend and know why they believe it. There is nothing that will break my heart more to see a child walk away from their faith, I pray constantly that they will never make that decision. One of the ways to help is to supply your children with good resources, of course they need to have solid biblical teaching with the most important book-The Bible but they also need good books to study and Apologia has done it again with their new series What We Believe.

I was so excited to review the first book in the series called Who Is God for my 12 year old. It has been a great personal bible study for him and he is really enjoying it. The book encourages your student to use a notebook and we LOVE notebooking here. I just gave him a simple composition book to keep his notes in. This would also make a great family study and we may start it that way soon, it is geared for ages 6-14. It is hardbound and 252 pages, and has stunning pictures in it. It costs $39.00 and offers a link to additional lesson plans and resources to expand the study.


Apologia says the purpose of the “What we Believe” series is to help children learn to discern the truth by using God’s Word as a lens through which to view the world around them. It is a student-directed, non- denominational specific, Bible-based curriculum. In this first book the student will meet our loving God who longs for us to know HIM and spend time with HIM.

I find this book to be very interesting (not boring at ALL) it is full of wisdom and biblical teaching and we are really enjoying it, this will be a series our family will continue with. It would make a great resource for your church library too and a great resource for the new Christian in your life (it does not talk down to, would be great for adults) It would give them a great foundation of learning about their God! We give it 5 stars!

Here are the 10 lessons in the book, they say to expect 2 weeks to finish, but you can go at any pace you want.
1. Where am I building my life

2. How Can I know what’s true?

3. What is God like (Part 1)

4. What is God like (Part 2)

5. Who are the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit

6. If god created the world, why isn’t it perfect?

7. Why did God create me?

8. Will God meet my needs?

9. Why does sin keep me from knowing God:

10. Is Jesus the only way to God?

You can see all the books in the series here.

Just so you know, if you won’t to learn more about Apologia they are having a facebook party Thursday night (prizes and everything) I will be there, make sure you check it out here!

As a member of the Homeschool Crew, I was given this product to review. I was not paid for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are mine.

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