Working At Home While Homeschooling!

This weeks TOS Homeschool Crew Blog Cruise topic is…

If you work and homeschool, how do you juggle?  Whether you work at home or outside the home, we want to read how you do it!

I do work from home and homeschool, I work part time for my brother who is an attorney.  I am called a virtual bankruptcy assistant.  I know, it is a place you hope to never be but many are in todays hard economic times.  I collect all the clients paperwork (and for a bk there is AlOT of paperwork) then I send out letters to let them know what they still need and I use a law software putting in all the information.  Then I send the information back to my brother and he files it with the client and they go from there.  I have a lot of paperwork in my office at all times, so I need to be organized (something that has taken me awhile but I finally have a system that works for me) I will share that in a future post. 

Time is always a difficult thing to balance for any homeschool mom but can be especially hard for a work at home mom who homeschools.  One of the things I try to do is to establish working hours.  My children were all school age when I started so that has made it easier then if I had babies or tots.  I do school from 830-1230, then we do lunch and then I work from 130-330 or 430 depending on how busy I am.  Many times I sit watching TV with my hubby at night and work on a b/k or my blogging or wake up early to get an early start.  I am a very flexible person, although I like a schedule I’m not too rigid.  I find moms who are don’t seem to be very happy.  Life happens.  Kids get sick, we have an emergency b/k come along where a house could be sold or some other problem, or anything that can happen in a moms day-when that happens I try to be flexible-sometimes I work in the morning and do school in the afternoon or we do a half day when we need to.  I try not to work on weekends but if I have to I do(not on Sundays and very rarely on Saturdays), but sometimes to catch up I do.  When we pretend it will always fall in a perfect little schedule we get let down.  This summer we made a big bedroom an office and school room, that is really nice because when my kids are working independently I can do a little work or when I’m working business hours if a child wants to hang out with me in the office playing a DS or coloring quietly they still have a way to be near me and I like that!  It is why I stay home to do it all, to keep them near me.  I want to be the one that influences their lives and staying at home to work and school make that happen.  I wouldn’t trade it for the whole world!

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    I enjoyed reading your post. That sounds like a very interesting job! I agree, that it’s vital to our survival to be flexible. Thanks for participating in the BC this week! Hope you’ll join in again soon!
    Jodi recently posted..Maestro Classics TOS Review


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