World Vision Catalog {Giveaway}

This holiday season, let the scarf around your neck, the ornaments on your tree, or the wooden serving spoons on your table be conversation starters. What’s the topic? Children and families in impoverished communities and solving the challenges they are facing, such as access to food, clean water, education, and more.

How can a clothing accessory or table decoration contribute to this dialog? When gift-givers make a holiday donation through World Vision’s Maximum Impact Fund, the gift is used where it’s most needed, tackling some of the world’s greatest challenges. With a donation of $25 or more the donor receives a free gift (a few listed below) to wear, carry, use or give to a loved one.  Most of the Maximum Impact Fund items available in the catalog are made by micro-enterprising artisans around the world and the sale proceeds directly benefit their communities.

World Vision is such a wonderful ministry to give to.  They are making a HUGE difference to so many children who are in desparate poverty all across the world.  If you are looking for a year end ministry to give to this would be a wonderful one.

It is very fulfilling to pick things out of the catalog for gifts to help families across the globe.  This is a wonderful activity to do with your children where they can see first hand that other families have real needs, it can teach gratitude lessons and help them become giving people even in their youth.

Don’t worry that it’s too late to order a gift. You can send an e-card or download a card for your purchase. In addition to the animals you can donate to clean water funds, support microloans, sponsor a child…and that’s just to start! Visit World Vision’s website for more information about gifts that give back.


I was sent this beautiful set of ornaments (although I will be putting them up around the house after Christmas) they are just beautiful and made from Kenya.  These jobs of making things to sell are giving people real hope and a real chance in this world and they do beautiful work!  Sometimes you just want to make a difference in the world and this is a way to do it!  Buying products from these folks and buying gifts.

You can follow World Vision on Facebook,Pinterest, and YouTube.

Giveaway: I have a set of these beautiful ornaments to giveaway.  This giveaway is only open to US residents and will only be up one day so make sure you enter!  To enter join the Rafflecopter below:
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