I would love to review a family friendly product, educational/homeschool product, or/and host a giveaway for you.  Please contact me to see if the product is a good fit for our family.

I will also promote product information or giveaways where there is no product for me that are family friendly however I do charge a fee for this service.  I will provide promotion with this service such as tweets and facebook messages.  I also promote giveaways as various sites.  I spent quality time getting the word out about your product or giveaway.   I also welcome sponsored posts.

Email me using the form below or submit a review form under submit for review.  Thanks so much!

I also welcome ad spots.  .  I will only place ads that are family friendly and I feel are a good fit for my blog.  If you advertise with me I will feature you on my blog also with a post that includes  tweets and facebook messages on my FB fan page.